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Music Night - Random Audio Post

Okay, we've got some requests for various hit songs and we settled on something new.

Hope you enjoy it. It's the first time I've tried my hand at singing this.

Another Year

Heya Rose, I'm betting you forgot what day it is. I didn't, so I got you something as well to go along with Kelsey's gift.

[Attached - New Snowboard and Bindings]

Hivemind and I didn't even think about it till now!



So I just got a job at Dr. K's Appliance Emporium and Instrument Depot. If I come back bruised, it's just the hazard pay part of the job.

Even Kira Has Her Off Days - Voice


Kira, what happened?!

Banana Peel. On the stairs. Ow. I think I sprained my wrist.

... Kira/Stairs OTP.

Just... get me a tensor bandage please?

[locked from Kronk]

Hey everyone, Kronk's having a birthday on Sunday and I thought it'd be nice to get the big lug some presents or something. Anyone got any ideas?

Just FYI, Bucky told Armadimon and Armadimon told me. Not sure how Armadimon can translate squirrel.

Dunno How I Know This But...

... I guess Dr. O's history archives help a lot.

Happy Birthday Trip!

[Attached - Cake]
Okay, so we know that brain-pan guy, Zedd, has targeted Team W.I.T.C.H. and totally pissed them off. Nerissa's MIA and we don't really have the ability to check that out right now either. And to top it off, we've got the Military Police issue.

I think it's time us Rangers start doing what we can do and pool our resources together into a sort of think tank. Jason, you know Zedd the best since you've fought him before, and Dr. O always talked about the battles he had with him.

Kelsey, Deadpool, Sarge, you three are our most unconventional thinkers out of our group. Even with the possibility of Zedd being allied with Doom is unlikely considering they were yelling at each other for a good long while when Zedd first popped in, it makes it difficult to determine what exactly he's up to right now on account that Zedd doesn't equal subtle. He didn't waste any time gloating over the comms what he did to Mrs. Vandom.

So in short, I think as Rangers we need to focus on Zedd, make certain that his attention is strictly diverted to us for a while. Otherwise Team W.I.T.C.H. will be bogged down with attacks and other problems, leaving us open for a major whomping when we're done.

So that's it in a nutshell. Any ideas?

You Know The Drill [locked from hostiles]

Kidnapping Little Gwen. AFK BBL.

Irony is a 2 Way Street - Locked to Ben

Ben, you're going to talk to your cousin.


I'm walking over there, morphing, and carrying you out on my shoulder to make sure you do.

[locked to Ben]

Great, your Grandpa is here! Now you can introduce me to him since you talk about him all the time.

And seriously, are you okay? I mean, he came from THAT point in time.